Using custom metadata for my SP

Vjger vjger69 at
Thu Feb 6 12:29:03 EST 2020

Peter Schober wrote
> You still haven't explained why you think the metadata must be
> different for different consumers of that metadata.
> I'd try to avoid such a situation if at all possible.

It's not. 
Simply, I started with a standard configuration Sp-Idp both Shibboleth
(changing only entityId) and all worked fine. In other words I used the
metadata obtained by Shibboleth.sso/Metadata because I had not other
particular requirements. We can say this was the first milestone.
The second milestone is the integration with governments idps and studing
the documentation for the validation of the SP metadata I found that more
SAML informations (compared to standard metadata) are required. My goal is
now to write a (new) custom metadata good as for the internal IDP as for
federated IDPS. 

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