Shibboleth 3.x & Multiple Sites on IIS Server

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Tue Feb 4 03:46:05 EST 2020

* Bhagwat, Shrikant <shrbhagw at> [2020-02-04 02:57]:
> We will be using UMich_Health System Central IDP.
> > I am the IDP Admin as well as SP admin.

OK, then you should know whether the IDP needs to treat those sites on
the SP side you're setting up differently.
I've tried to explain that already, so did Scott.
The documentation I pointed you to earler also covers that.

> Users will access Site1 & Site2 (hosted on same IIS Server) by
> separate URL. So I think "SP Entity ID" will be different.

That's in no way sufficient to determine whether entityIDs need to
differ. Unless you have a concrete, technical reason for them to be
different you should probably ignore all that, continue using a single
entityID for all sites (same as for a single site) and move on to
other problems.


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