Upgrading to 3.4.8 -- Not Recognizing Earlier Version

Rod Widdowson rdw at steadingsoftware.com
Thu Dec 31 14:32:05 UTC 2020

> -- could anyone remind me which path/file it validates if a previous version is installed?

In V3 this is sort of scrutable if you care to try and work out how ant works by reading bin/build.xml.  In V4 the rules are the same but you have to read the source code which isn't distributed.  

Anyway, certificate generation is (mostly) controlled by whether conf/relyingparty.xml is present.

Other files that are check for include (but are not limited to)


and for automated installs and V2 updates

It would be useful if you would report back what exactly the issue was and also why you are doing it.  In general you are in for a world of pain if you break some of these assumptions and this is only going to get worse when 4.1 hits the streets when the configuration gets simpler, but managing the configuration tools becomes (for us, the developers)  an order of magnitude more complex.


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