Stack trace for uncaught exception?

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Mon Dec 28 18:29:34 UTC 2020

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>    The errors in question are coming from the embedded browser in the 4D database client (user agent:

Seems to be a lot of that.

 >    This was working on our previous IdP (3.3.0, Jetty 9.3.something, RHEL7-provided Oracle JDK 8).

I assume the old code may have manually parsed those headers and not been correctly coded. We use Java's API to do it now, it just does what it does and those are invalid, so it rejects them.

But I assume somebody must have filed a bug on this somewhere? If it's being uncaught, that's a bug. I'd suggest filing it to make sure we get to it.

>    Is there a way to get the stack trace logged when an uncaught exception occurs?

Well, I would have thought that it was simply passing the underlying exception to logback. The code is supposed to do that, and then it would be up to the stack trace setting in the logback format string, which we have set to full I think.

-- Scott

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