Is Consent fail through possible.

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Wed Dec 16 23:37:49 UTC 2020

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>    I’ve come across an issue in the consent approval process whereby if the IdP (4.0.1) is not able to connect to the storage
> service then the login process fails with the error [1] appearing in the browser and [2] idp-process.log. The inability to
> connect to the database is caused by a network misconfiguration.

That's a bug, the InvalidEvent result means it's not programmed correctly to handle whatever event is being signaled when it fails. Regardless of whether it could ever be allowed to fail open or closed, it can't do anything like this until the flow is fixed to account for the error.

That message is like an NPE, it's always a bug unless somebody were manipulating the system from outside to artifically get it to signal an unknown condition. That's "safe" but should never happen without malicious intent.

-- Scott

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