Deprocated elements in data connectors in V4

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Thu Dec 10 04:07:58 UTC 2020

Thanks, Scott. I'd suggest possibly a more slightly useful warning if the framework you've built for these deprecation warnings supports it. Even if it's to suggest seeing the documentation for details. To simply say there's no replacement is, in the case of the read timeout and connection timeout, not actually the case. Would it help for me to file an issue on this, or is it not worth it?


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>    We're using this to set ldap.timeout and read.timeout. It looks like the connectTimeout and responseTimeout attributes > on the <DataConnector> element take the place of these. Is tha correct?

I imagine so.

>    And is there a reason that the deprecation warning doesn't point me 
> in that direction? Is it simply because there are so many possible 
> properties that can be set with the <LDAPProperty> element that it 
> would be too complicated to provide specific guidance? Because that log message seems a bit misleading and sub-standard compared to other deprecation warnings.

That is why.

-- Scott

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