Shibboleth 4 IDP: assign attribute resolver to specific flow

Moritz Reichelt MReichelt at
Wed Dec 9 14:12:52 UTC 2020

Hello all,


I have a problem regarding flows and attribute resolvers.

I have two login flows: authn/Password and authn/PasswordLDAP. I want the
Password flow to only use the standard attribute-resolver.xml and the
PasswordLDAP flow should only use attribute-resolver-ldap.xml.


Right now, they both just seem to use the standard attribute-resolver.xml
which is not what I want/need.


How can I achieve that with Shibboleth 4.0.1? I haven't found any
explanations or examples on this in the documentation or anywhere else on
the internet.


Best regards,


Moritz Reichelt

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