Get back user name

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Wed Dec 2 20:13:06 UTC 2020

* Joshua Hunter <joshua at> [2020-12-02 19:39]:
> I know this is super basic, but I need some hand holding. We are
> going to support SAML in our app. We will pass in the values via
> headers (yes, I know, security, but there isn't any good integration
> with any web server with our application framework).

Something that comes with its own web server? nodejs? golang?
(I don't know what you may not know about.)

> How can I get the user name entered in the IdP into the headers the
> SP is providing to Apache?
> I can login via the IdP and get to our app. What I can't do is get
> the username provided by the user into the headers.

Make your you've defined the attribute in the IDP's
attribute-resolver.xml and released it in the attribute-filter.xml.
Before the aacli shows all the data going out as expected there's no
point in even looking at the SP or HTTP Headers beyond the SP.


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