Configuring external AssertionConsumerService, and documentation for protocols.xml

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What I'm trying to do is have an assertion consumer service that is implemented outside shibboleth. There's a reply URL configured in the Azure IdP that is not shibboleth's default.
I need to change shibboleth's config to match the IdP.

Are you telling me what I want to do is impossible? That Shibboleth cannot advertise an ACS URL that it does not handle itself?

There's also the question of the protocols.xml file. Is there documentation on how to change that file for my needs?


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> is it possible to specify a URL for an assertion consumer service that is not part of the shibboleth url namespace?

I don't know what you mean by "shibboleth url namespace".

If you're trying to ask if you can have an ACS location that isn't within/under the typical /Shibboleth.sso handler base path, no, you can't.

You can change the handler path itself with the handlerURL parameter (and in some cases other changes) but whatever it is, the ACS has to be under the path specified by the setting, and the fact that it happens to be /SAML2/POST or whatever is not really terribly important or useful to change.

-- Scott

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