platform for IdP v4

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Fri Aug 7 07:42:40 UTC 2020

* IAM David Bantz <dabantz at> [2020-08-06 22:07]:
> Is CentOS 7 & java 9 & tomcat 9 a reasonable platform for IdP v4 upgrade?

According to
OpenJDK 11 comes with CentOS 7 and is now "fully supported" by the
Shib project (thanks to Oracle's stupid licensing policies).

And if you follow those requirements stricly the OS and version don't
matter much/at all, since you'd be installing and keeping currrent the
Java servlet container by yourself. ('We also do not officially
support any "packaged" containers provided by OS vendors.')
Some may do that also for Java, from the days when OpenJDK wasn't
fully supported by the Shib project.

Personally I find it silly to be running an "enterprise" Linux
distribution (esp. if you're paying for RHEL licenses) and then having
to download and find ways to let yourself be notified about security
updates and apply them manually (or invest in scripting the whole
affair) yourself -- for the only software running on that machine, and
a security service to boot!


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