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Donald Lohr lohrda at
Thu Aug 6 16:49:17 UTC 2020

We've the need to use a different certificate for a SP than the default 
one in our IdP metadata. As a result, we made a copy of our IdP metadata 
and replaced the default cert with this new one and configured the 
credentials.xml and relying-party.xml files to use this.

Also wanting for this SP to be different and not use our default 
entityID value, in that new IdP metadata file, we made a new entityID 
value.  But the SP is reporting that during a user login, we are sending 
over our default entityID.

Is our goal doable?

I noticed in the credentials.xml file is:

/p:entityId-ref="entityID" />//
Is the entityID here a variable, thus pulling my default value?

On the Shibboleth wiki, using the search field, searching for 
/entityId-ref/ does not return anything for me.


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