Shibboleth IdP Upgrade from v3 to v4 - Expert Recommendations Needed !!

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at
Mon Aug 3 22:47:45 UTC 2020

On 8/3/20, 5:39 PM, "users on behalf of prasanna cg" <users-bounces at on behalf of prasannacgin at> wrote:

>         1. I did read the documentation and understood that OpenJDK has limited support and Oracle JDK is not supported
> (though it will be tested).  However, Is it still advisable to consider using Oracle JDK 11 or OpenJDK 11

We have been unambiguous about what we test and support on the requirements page.

>. If Amazon Corretto 11 is the most recommended, can I still use them with my existing Ubuntu ?

That would be a question for Amazon, aside from the fact their web site clearly mentions installing on Ubuntu.

>              * From v3.3.1 first Upgrade to v3.4.7, Switch to v3 syntax / namespace and get rid of all deprecated warnings and
> do a upgrade to v4.0.1 [or]

That is the only possible way without guaranteeing a mess of problems, which is why it's pretty much exactly what's documented. Getting rid of the 3.4 warnings is not generally all that much work and is probably 90% resolver syntax.

-- Scott

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