AW: IDP3/4 -> read (&write) custom session cookie for authentication

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Tue Apr 28 09:21:16 EDT 2020

Hello Scott,

I understand that you can't write specific examples for me for free, sadly I can't offer 2500€ anually for a consortium membership fee.

Do you maybe have a pre-existing example of any (similar) login flow usage that I could infer how to do this from (I'd prefer Java to Javascript-let)..

Also even if I understand the concept of bean injection, I sadly have no idea of how to do this in the Shibboleth context, and again I couldn't find any examples using Google.

Kind regards,
Thomas Käfer
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On 4/28/20, 1:58 AM, "users on behalf of Käfer Thomas" <users-bounces at on behalf of thomas.kaefer at> wrote:

> This sound's really comfortable! Is there an example of how to use this somewhere, to make it more tangable?

No. When members entitled to support ask for examples I can do them, I don't have time otherwise.

>  How do get the HttpRequest for reading out my custom cookie

Inject the bean named "shibboleth.HttpServletRequest" as a bean object via p:customObject-ref for a script or into an explicit property on a Java bean.

-- Scott

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