Problems with internationalization

Rod Widdowson rdw at
Tue Apr 28 06:22:00 EDT 2020

> . The problem is: only parts of the
> page get changed to English, namely the texts that are defined in
> Other texts, e.g. that are referenced in the .vm
> files by $rpUIContext.serviceName or
> $attributeDisplayNameFunction.apply($attribute) are not changed.
> Vice versa when adding "&lang=de" while being on the Englisch version.

That is correct.  MDUI display is driven entirely from the browser.  I'm not aware of any other standards which it can use.
Certainly adding "&lang="is"  isn't part of any of the standards I'm aware of.

I guess an RFE to allow the MDUI to be driven from Spring might be interesting, but I'd defer to others on that.  


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