Shibboleth SP Server variables in IIS

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Mon Apr 27 08:10:31 EDT 2020

On 4/26/20, 10:42 AM, "users on behalf of user1630508" <users-bounces at on behalf of pgrandsard at> wrote:

> And also, server variables are accessible in classic asp only if the variable
> name is UPPER CASE. You can set attributes to upper case in attribute-map.xml but the system
> "Shib-" will have to be taken care of in code. Maybe a new ISAPI setting can
> be added for all the legacy classic asp sites?

Most of them are already possible to handle by suppressing the standard set and using the Assertion AttributeExtractor to pull specific content out.

There are a few more rarely used ones that wouldn't be handled by that.

-- Scott

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