[External] ShibV4-LdapCognito Issue

Domingues, Em michael-domingues at uiowa.edu
Fri Apr 24 14:11:07 EDT 2020

Based on your message, you've configured AWS to redirect to Google to start the SSO flow instead of your IdP. There's your problem. You'll need to point AWS Cognito at your Identity Provider in order to actually test it.

It's been a while since I configured our Cognito integration, but for any given SP, you typically either can upload your Identity Provider's metadata, or manually have to specify one of your SingleSignOnService endpoints to use, along with the other particulars of your environment.

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I have configured Shibboleth V4 with LDAP Auth for SP AWS Cognito. For
testing, call back urls are given as https://google.com. I can see from
idp-process.log and confirm that service running fine and metadata pulled
from remote but when I visit the SP URL and click on login, it just returns
with the URL as and no logs captured in the server.


At the same time, I can get the results from cli using this,

bin/aacli.sh --url https://idp.example.com/idp --requester
urn:amazon:cognito:sp:exmapleURNofSP --principal leosimon
--changed the url as example.

I am completely blank and unable to proceed further, Can someone help me
where the error would me and what I might missed?

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