Shibboleth to authenticate against JSON response

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Fri Apr 24 12:34:38 EDT 2020

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> Just checked their documentation and they accept an external "SAML Version 2
> SSO Agent identity provider" 

That is not a term of art, so it means whatever RSA thinks it means.

> Can  Shibboleth comply ?

The IdP is a SAML IdP, a SAML SP for proxing, a CAS server, and a few other things, and the technical standards and profiles supported are in which is largely still accurate but needs some updating for v4.

> Also, can this FunctionAuthnConfiguration with its a custom Java
> implementation (see xml below) help my case? In my case returning whether or
> not the user is authenticated into my proprietary system.

It can do literally anything to return a result to the IdP, it's just a function call point. It's mean for testing, and odd scenarios that wouldn't require any UI and so don't need all the overhead of the other methods and extension points. I have no capacity to provide you with free support to address your particular use case beyond that.

-- Scott

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