Configuring new SP

Lohr, Donald lohrda at
Fri Apr 24 10:54:19 EDT 2020

We have a new SP vendor that has two SPs we are configuring for. They 
are not InCommon, but do support getting both metadata files via the 
FileBackedHTTPMetadataProvider approach in the metadata-providers.xml 
file (which we will store sad files locally).

Everything else about both SPs are the same as it relates to the 
attribute-filter.xml, attribute-resolver.xml and relying-party.xml 
configuration we've made.

We are running a Shibboleth 3x IdP.

My questions:

In the metadata-providers.xml file is the: <MetadataProvider id="??" item.

With two SPs from the same vendor, would we have the following:

<MetadataProvider id="acmeSP1"

<MetadataProvider id="acmeSP2"

Since they are sharing the same attribute-filter.xml section, what would 
the <AttributeFilterPolicy id="??"> be?

I found reference for the id element in the IdP 3x documentation but did 
not see anything to answer my question.


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