new idp 4 Attribute Registry

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Fri Apr 24 09:43:41 EDT 2020

* Paul B. Henson <henson at> [2020-04-23 23:43]:
> I remember back when I was young and energetic and complained to all
> the idiot services that implemented things horribly and incorrectly
> <sigh>. Sadly, they didn't care, and my management didn't care and
> just wanted to know why the service wasn't working yet <sigh>...

I like the implication that I come across as young and energetic. ;)

It's not that I have real expectations of such reports to result in
(timely) changes/fixes (and I certainly wouldn't be doing it for
It's that not reporting these bugs pretty much guarantees that they
won't get fixed.  And that is actively doing a disservice to all my
peers who at some point may have to deal with that
still-broken-because-noone-cared-enough-to-even-report-it services.

I realise there's still quite an amount of idealism in there (strength
in numbers, "little strokes fell big oaks", etc.) that simply might
not be warranted in these times of Internet Oligopolists running the


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