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Thu Apr 23 17:55:32 EDT 2020

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> Well, oddly enough, there seem to be a number of SP's that think "Email" is the thing to call email, and
> "First_Name"/"Last_Name" are the standard name attributes

I have 2 that I have encountered in 15 years that didn't simply fix it or admit they were lying about the requirement to start with. One was Slack and the other came up very recently. It really is not that common in SaaS, but it's very common to be *told* that, unless you argue and they realize they didn't care or didn't know how their own system works.

I have several that use the Microsoft names, but that's a horse of a slightly less abhorrent color.

I have never had one that insisted in a specific FriendlyName.

> 8-/. I dunno, at this point I just have the attributes defined, they don't conflict with anything else, I'm not sure if it would
> be more efficient to have to check the activation conditions for everything that doesn't need them or to just have them
> defined for places that don't need them?

Not creating them is more efficient. There's a ton of work being done in comparison, relatively speaking. The condition check is basically a string compare after several more string compares to fetch the SP name. And that doesn't take into account the bloat on every single message to every single client every other time.

-- Scott

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