How to upgrade to IdP 4.0.0 'in place' when install is configuration managed

Marc Jay marc.jay at
Wed Apr 22 19:35:09 EDT 2020


I'm in the process of looking at a 3.4.6 -> 4.0.0 IdP upgrade. The wiki pages make it very clear that upgrades must be done in place and in no uncertain terms we should not attempt to start with a fresh installation and apply changes on top of it.

Our setup is that we continuously rebuild our dev/staging/prod environments as part of our patching process, and so our automation scripts (Ansible) will unzip a fresh 3.4.6 install onto a fresh server and apply templated files to configure e.g. views, flows, authn config, appropriately for that environment (different URLs and config between staging, production etc.). I was intending to approach this upgrade by starting with a fresh 4.0.0 installation and carefully reviewing every customisation we made (file by file, comparing fresh to our version) and carefully re-applying each change following the v4 deployer info, but the repeated warnings sufficiently scared me.

My question then being - are we really better off creating a dev environment, upgrading in place and then pulling those files back off the server and then into source control and configuration management? It feels like as long as we don't mind repeating some of our customisation, we could start with a fresh install, but if there's some reason why that's such a bad idea I would appreciate understanding why or what in particular we should look out for with that approach?

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