Possible bug with Shib IdP v4.0.0

Peter Schober peter.schober at univie.ac.at
Sat Apr 18 07:02:52 EDT 2020

* Mak, Steve <makst at upenn.edu> [2020-04-18 05:50]:
> I have some sp metadata that has the following elements:
> <AttributeConsumingService index="1">
>   <ServiceName xml:lang="en"/>
> </AttributeConsumingService>

Is that literaly your complete AttributeConsumingService?
With an empty ServiceName (which isn't allowed in SAML) as the only
If so what purpsose does any of this serve?
Why not remove the whole AttributeConsumingService element?

> The problem goes away when I remove the line:
> 	<ServiceName xml:lang="en"/>

That's schema-invalid: AttributeConsumingService requires a
ServiceName child element (and also an RequestedAttribute one).


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