Installation of OpenID connect extension in Shibboleth v3

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Thu Apr 16 15:01:42 EDT 2020

Understood. I likely will not allow registration on the production instance
at all. For the time being I'm working on our dev instance and trying to
make sure I understand how everything works, even for flows which we may
immediately turn off again.

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> > I've been able to test my setup with an OIDC RP using mod_auth_openidc
> so I know the configuration is working. The
> > /idp/profile/oidc/register still is generating that error which is what
> I'll look at fixing now that I've got a few more tips on
> > what to look at.
> It should have been self-evident to me, but of course...the registration
> flow absolutely has to be opened up to the Unverified RP configuration. It
> makes no sense to enable registration for "recognized RPs", the whole point
> of the flow is to register them so they can be recognized later.
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