How to access the AssertionConsumerServiceURL from the AuthnRequest in a custom MFA flow

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Thu Apr 16 14:07:41 EDT 2020

> I'm not following... You're running a SAML proxy (otherwise why would
> your IDP config be relevant to IDP selection?) and your IDP is the only
> one known to the protected services and in turn (as a SAML SP) relies
> on upstream IDPs for the actual authentication?
> How can you determine the IDP the subject should be sent to based on
> the subject's email address if the subject hasn't authenticated at an
> IDP to assert that email address to you in the first place?

Hi Peter,

Thanks for your response.

Apologies I wasn’t clear – our IdP and those of our clients who use SSO are known to our SP. We are a multi-tenanted SaaS application. Most of our tenants use our IdP for authentication, but some use their own Azure Active Directory/Okta etc. IdP. Our SP is configured with the metadata of all the involved IdPs. If a client uses IdP-initiated SSO, our IdP is not involved at all. However, if they go directly to our application, the SP doesn’t have enough information to know which IdP that user should go to (IP address is not enough), so sends everyone to our IdP, which presents an email address entry field as the first stage in the login flow. User enters their email address, and we look it up and act based on the email domain. E.g. Client A will use our IdP so user at<mailto:user at> will proceed to enter a password, but Client B uses their own IdP, and so entering user at<mailto:user at> will redirect to our SP (session initiator URL), specifying the entity ID of Client B’s IdP as the URL parameter, for them to log into their IdP and return.

We don’t need to trust the email address at that stage, if a malicious user enters a email address, they will fail to authenticate over at Client B’s IdP and get no further

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