Jars for Shibboleth v3.4.6

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All the .jar files necessary to run Shibboleth should be included in the .war file after being built and you can find them in the distribution in webapp/WEB-INF/lib/ if you really want the gory details, except jstl, which is linked to from the installation instructions.

Beyond that, we'll need a lot more detail than "jar related issues".

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Subject: Jars for Shibboleth v3.4.6

I'm facing jar related issues while running upgraded Shibboleth v3.4.6
Jar issues are basically occurring for opensaml 2 to 3 jars & Shibboleth jars.
 I referred wiki but couldn't succeed.
Could someone please provide me a list of jars required for running v3.4.6 smoothly?



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