SP 3.1.0 unable to handle empty discoveryURL attribute

Wessel, Keith kwessel at illinois.edu
Tue Apr 14 17:58:23 EDT 2020

Thanks, Scott. This configuration that we had was frankly not a clean setup, anyway, and resulted in a warning being written to the log every time the config was parsed. So, it's high time we fixed our template.


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> Not sure if this was intended behavior, but our stock shibboleth2.xml for campus used to have discoveryProtocol set to > SAMLDS and discoveryURL set to "". The upgrade to 3.1.0 seems to choak on this.

It's intentional, that kind of thing was allowing crashes in other areas, so the schema was fixed. That is definitely invalid.

> We did this for ease of our SP operators to switch from using a single IdP configuration to using a DS. Of course,we can
> change this, but I saw nothing in the release notes related to this parsing change, and I wondered if it was intended or a
> bug.

I'll add a note about it.

-- Scott

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