Upgrade to SP 3.1 failed: libcrypto-1_1_1-x64.dll missing

j.grootlipman at facilitor.nl j.grootlipman at facilitor.nl
Tue Apr 14 07:57:12 EDT 2020

Service provider version was working fine on my test-server with Windows Server 2016

I upgraded by running shibboleth-sp- After the reboot the installer wanted, the Shibboleth Windows service did not start anymore.
In a dos-box trying
C:\opt\shibboleth-sp\sbin64\shibd.exe -check
said something about libcrypto-1_1_1-x64.dll missing

I could find a "c:\Program Files\Shibboleth\SP\lib\libcrypto-1_1_1_5-x64.dll" but that is a slightly different version.

Workaround: Starting shibboleth-sp- again, choosing the Repair option and rebooting seems to have solved the problem.
(although I still cannot find libcrypto-1_1_1-x64.dll, nobody complains anymore)

Is this a known problem in the installer?

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