Force Shibboleth to redirect to a specific URL after authentication

Duke Yao aptiva1128 at
Sat Apr 11 09:47:21 EDT 2020

Hi Scott,

In fact, I am not so familiar about shibboleth to know how to implement
this kind of requirement.
If this is impossible, and need to be implemented in SP, could you please
help to provide me some keywords to learn/survey?
That's really appreciated.

Originally, I am thinking to implement this be modifying sent data from IDP
to SP, ex: Add required data in the SAML.
When SP receives this, then implement required data(javascript) in the
landing page.

But it looks like we need to implement this in specific pages for specific
SP, when this is required for different SP, I need to implement this again
for the other SP.
May I know how do you think about this?

An other question, when I read shibboleth related doc, I always think
although I know there are these field could be used, but I did not see a
real sample about it.
How do you know its correct format to implement this file? EX:

Cantor, Scott <cantor.2 at> 於 2020年4月10日 週五 下午9:57寫道:

> What you're asking is impossible. The IdP has no control over the URL the
> SP redirects itself to after authentication in general. This is an SP issue.
> -- Scott
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