Force Shibboleth to redirect to a specific URL after authentication

Duke Yao aptiva1128 at
Fri Apr 10 00:48:47 EDT 2020

Hi Rod:

I did try to read the doc about ProfileInterceptConfiguration part.
However I am thinking it is still so abstract to me, I tried to google
"ProfileInterceptConfiguration", but no actual sample about related file
So I am not confident how to write entire file content.
Do you ever find related sample used or tutorials about this?
If you know anything, please let me know, it is really appreciated.
And I will search this from user mail list again now.

Duke Yao <aptiva1128 at> 於 2020年4月9日 週四 下午5:56寫道:

> Hi:
> Yes, I did plan to do this in IDP.
> The concept is we want to make some customized logic in IDP stage, after
> this, still redirect user back to initial destination url.
> Because the customized logic should be done in webpage(ex: javascript),
> that's why we expected to add a new page here.
> Once user successfully login, and redirect user to this page first, and
> run required javascript, and then redirect user to his url.
> Only do it in IDP stage, do not do it in SP.
> Thanks for the information, I will check it to see if it could work.
> Rod Widdowson <rdw at> 於 2020年4月9日 週四 下午5:41寫道:
>> And you want to do this on the IDP?
>> If so have you considered an intercept [1]?
>> [1]
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