Mutual confirmation of attributes of two SP

Marcus Schopen lists at
Wed Apr 8 19:04:51 EDT 2020


I have a little question of understanding: I have two SP on the same
IDP. If I have successfully registered at SP No. 1 (Rocket.Chat) and
then go to the website of SP No. 2 (Jitsi), the IDP wants me to confirm
the attributes for SP No. 2. The attributes for SP No. 1 and SP No. 2
are identical. The re-confirmation of the attributes seems logical to
me, but in the concrete case it is disturbing: when I start a video
conference on the Jitsi via, the attribute query of Jitsi
should not appear. Is it possible to configure the IDP for the two SPs
in such a way that the release of the attributes applies reciprocally
to both SPs?


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