Salt value too short when using NameIDGeneration

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Wed Apr 8 12:14:49 EDT 2020

On 4/8/20, 12:06 PM, "users on behalf of Ignacio Amoeiro Bosch" <users-bounces at on behalf of ignacio.amoeiro at> wrote:

> Meanwhile, I  extended ComputedPersistentIdGenerationStrategy class and deployed in a custom jar in the war ( inside
> edit-webapp).
> I Also added the bean in the global.xml.
>  It worked.

If you know enough to do all that, then you have what you need to maintain a custom plugin if that's what you prefer to do.

The interfaces to this did change in V4 in order to make the system more fully pluggable with a stable API so your plugin will have to be different but then will be more stable thereafter.

As for "where", there's no harm in using global.xml but there's no advantage either, just putting it in saml-nameid.xml should work fine. The more scoped the beans are the better.

-- Scott

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