Salt value too short when using NameIDGeneration

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Wed Apr 8 08:19:20 EDT 2020

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> So I think I have to create a new PersistentIdGenerationStrategy  class without that limitation, right?

You should be using V4, in which case the public interface to implement is net.shibboleth.idp.attribute.PairwiseIdStore and the class to copy is net.shibboleth.idp.attribute.impl.ComputedPairwiseIdStore.

You could also, and were it me I probably would, simply patch that class and build from source for now, and file a RFE to get the equivalent patch added to a future version so you can drop the workaround then. The work to build from source when updating isn't that complex and patches don't come out that often.

> I which file should I define this new bean? In saml-nameid-system.xml is allowed to edit?


> Or there is another place for custom beans?

You add file(s) to the NameIDGeneration service's resource collection in services.xml or just define them in the existing files that are exposed for editing.

-- Scott

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