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Lohr, Donald lohrda at jmu.edu
Tue Apr 7 13:43:42 EDT 2020

Thanks for you and Peter's response.

As Peter indicated if "/someone is willing to share an example or 
....../" that would be helpful.


On 4/7/20 1:18 PM, Christopher Bongaarts wrote:
> Another way you could do this is use conditionals in the login view, 
> checking the SP entity ID from the relying party info.   An 
> interceptor might be a good choice if you want to dead-end the user; 
> the view might be better if you just want to say "hey, the Whizbang 
> app is down for (un)planned maintenace; you can try to log in but it 
> probably won't work".
> On 4/7/2020 11:07 AM, Peter Schober wrote:
>> * Lohr, Donald <lohrda at jmu.edu> [2020-04-07 15:53]:
>>> On the IdP, like our login page.
>> That would need to be an interceptor of some kind, I think.
>> Maybe someone is willing to share an example or pointer to the best
>> documentation. (I don't have on handy.)
>> -peter

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