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Craig Pluchinsky craigp at
Wed Apr 1 08:26:20 EDT 2020

I just notice occasionally in our IDP logs the messages below.  I'm assuming the aaaa/AAAA is because of the case of the principal.  But I've also saw messages where the principal is different, like the second message with bbbb/CCCC.  Is this an issue or just the session id being re-used?

Profile Action DetectIdentitySwitch: Identity switch to aaaa detected, destroying original session d481527e73739d452ae70e7515b63e313660440246a77ad51a6c78f68b34ce3d for principal AAAA

Profile Action DetectIdentitySwitch: Identity switch to bbbb detected, destroying original session 55fe8cfc4fbd6f6d89e6d3052087e59228a5a34dfc9db2a0a5f21361f0e102f8 for principal CCCC

Craig Pluchinsky
IT Services
Indiana University of Pennsylvania
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