EDS logo selection process and image sizes

Rod Widdowson rdw at steadingsoftware.com
Fri Sep 27 10:20:49 EDT 2019

> > Any suggestions or explanations?
> Rod would be the only one on the team who would know what it does, so if he's not actively monitoring the list I would just file a
> support ticket about it.

I am monitoring and I saw it and thought "better reply tomorrow" and never did.  Sorry

If you put in a JIRA case so I cannot forget I'd appreciate it.

> probably because that IDP doesn't have a 32x32 pixel icon but 16x16 (and the
> arithmetic distance to 16 is bigger)?

Icon selection (at the top) is (IIRC) all about nearest aspect ratio.   We look at all the icons and look for the one for which
ln(width/height) is closest to the parameter bestRatio.  So if you have a small icon which is 8x6 pixels, and a the default ratio
you'll get that in preference to a large one which is rectangular.  

I can of course parameterize this decision (I'm all about passing the buck in UI), but it will be by plugging in a function with
four parameters (sizes in X and Y of two icons)

The 16x16 thing in the dropdown is an absolute test of size (it may even be documented...), I suspect that this means that that the
hole in the dropdown <div> is exactly 16x16 and I didn't see a need to force the size in the CSS (and I cannot say I'm looking
forward to relearning CSS again...)  But we can look at that too.  I suspect we would still require square logos for the icon.


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