entityIDSelf metadata question

Christopher Bland chris at fdu.edu
Mon Sep 23 13:30:17 EDT 2019

Hi All,

I have several vhosts configured on the same server.  All vhosts are doing SSO auth.  I initially was using the same metadata for all by adding the different host names in the shibboleth2.xml as

            <Handler type="MetadataGenerator" Location="/Metadata" signing="false">

One of my hosts needs to have a unique entityId because it uses a customized login page.  I configured the vhost with the following:

    <Location />
         ShibRequestSetting entityIDSelf https://$hostname/shibboleth-sp

Outside of having to create a copy of the metadata with the different entityId.  Seems to work.  My question is simply, am I doing this the best way/what have other people done.

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