EDS logo selection process and image sizes

Peter Schober peter.schober at univie.ac.at
Fri Sep 20 13:02:18 EDT 2019

I've noticed that for a few of our IDPs the EDS will prefer the 32x32
pixel icon over the institutions' other, bigger (and IMO better) logos
but the existing docs are not sufficient for me to understand why:

E.g. selecting the "Medical University of Graz" or "Tirol Kliniken"
IDPs at https://sp.eduid.at/ and going back from the IDP to the SP
page (and reloading) will show use of the 32 pixel icon, not of the
other logos which in these cases are 200x75 and 172x85 pixels
respectively.  In other cases (e.g. "ACOnet staff") the
desired/expected larger logo will be shown (137x60) -- probably
because that IDP doesn't have a 32x32 pixel icon but 16x16 (and the
arithmetic distance to 16 is bigger)?

To put this the other way: Many insitutions nowadays don't have 16x16
sized icons anymore, due to the ubiquity of mobile devices with high
screen resolutions (from what I hear/read) and this seems to lead to
2 undesirable outcomes:

* The image shown for "remembered IDPs" will sometimes be the 32x32
  (or similar) "icon" one -- and blown up to fit the space -- not the
  larger image with more info/details (potentially scaled down to fix
  the space).

* The search-as-you-type interface element does not show any image/s
  if the logos in metadata are all larger than 16x16. (See again the
  two institutions mentioned above for examples, but others will be
  easily found as well.)
  Some institutions only have 24x24 or 32x32 or even 64x64 or larger
  "icon" images today and those never show images/icons during
  dynamic searches for/filtering of the IDP/s.

So other than boiling the ocean (everyone moving to SVG) what would I
need to do (or have the affected institutions do) to get those larger
images rendered?
Also would you consider also displaying 32x32 icons during
search-as-you-type if no 16x16 ones are available?
Should I file issues for any of the above? And how many? ;)


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