Shibboleth & Mediawiki

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Thu Sep 19 09:43:18 EDT 2019

* Marco Malavolti <marco.malavolti at> [2019-09-19 15:10]:
> I'm here to know if any of you use Shibboleth as authentication
> method on Mediawiki and this extension:

Many, many years ago.

> This is my configuration in the LocalSettings.php:

I just checked but couldn't find any signs of any of those config
files anymore. (The machines or acounts that hosted them are long
gone, too.)


The instructions there don't give me much hope. E.g. setting
applicationId ("Apache vhost konfig") should have absolutely nothing
to do with that MediaWiki extension and neither would you have to
remove that setting nor enable headers ("Apache vhost konfig FastCGI
(FPM)") when using FPM. That all depends on /other/ (and not
recommended) configuration that's not even mentioned there, just
assumed to be wrong and in-place.

> Thank for any help you can provide to solve this problem with groups.

You've tried logging and and logging in, again, as stated in the
"Known Bugs" section of the referenced documentation?
(Also it seems the bug mentioned there has meanwhile been resolved,
though you'd have to check whether it's included in the MediaWiki
release you're running, of course.)

Other than that: If I had to guess I'd say your affiliations are
multi-valued (though to PHP it's just one string that doesn't match
your indidivial affiliation values) and your config/code isn't
prepared to deal with that.


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