Using an activation condition with a MFA transition map

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>> While the documentation explicitely mentions "Limiting when
>> authentication flows may be used" as a potentiel use case for this
>> feature, I guess it only applies to top-level flow selection, not
>> subflow transition inside MFA flow.
> It applies to objects that happen to support such a property, and the AuthenticationFlowDescriptor objects do, those rules don't. > They're scriptable, so there's nothing that would be gained, any condition can be run from within a script itself.
Indeed. I'll add an example on the MFA configuration page.

Next question: the current implementation of IPRangePredicate compares 
the source address of an HTTP request with a set of network ranges. What 
would be the best way to use the X-Forwarded-For header instead for this 
comparaison, so as to make it usable from behind a reverse-proxy ?

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