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Jeffrey Williams jfwillia at uncg.edu
Wed Sep 18 09:53:11 EDT 2019

> Of course I'm assuming the user isn't enrolled for some good reason. If
> the issue is more that they need to enroll to get in and they can if they
> want, then it would probably make more sense to just present that option or
> a fallback to let it return them with the error. That's even possible
> inline with views if you really wanted to get that deeply into it.

UNCG is currently an opt-in school when it comes to MFA, so it'd be good at
some point to come up with a page that says, "You must authenticate this
high to log in, click here to enroll in MFA."  For today we can put it on
the vendor to field and when we have the verbage in place, our error
message would supplant theirs(and others).

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