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Fri Sep 13 17:08:31 EDT 2019

Hi all,

I've been searching the other community posts for a couple weeks now about
this and did not come across a similar issue. We are running version 3.4.4
on Ubuntu 16.04. We are trying to setup a new SP. The authentication part is
working well. When we hit the logout button, we are sent to an error page
saying "An error occurred: SessionNotFound". In searching my logs and see:

INFO: Profile Action ProcessLogoutRequest: No active session(s) found
matching LogoutRequest
WARN: A non-proceed event occurred while processing the request:

The odd thing is if I hit the back button on the error page and click logout
again. It will take me to the expected logout page on the SP side. 

In working with the SP, they said the logout action flags their side and
sends the request to my IDP to kill the session and then expects a response
back. That response triggers the SP to kill the session. The SP is using
Shibboleth. I'm not sure of their version. 

I do have:
 idp.session.secondaryServiceIndex = true 

Is there some other configuration set that I may have missed?

Thank you.

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