BeyondTrust and Shibboleth IdP

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Fri Sep 13 04:59:51 EDT 2019

* Allan West <allan at> [2019-09-12 19:08]:
> Is anyone using a BeyondTrust system with shibboleth as the IdP? The
> BeyondTrust IdP instructions cover AD and Okta, but the Okta
> instructions start at the IdP and then carry data over to the SP in a
> way I've never seen before. I'm used to an SP's Okta instructions being
> "close enough" to using shibboleth that I could use them for our IdP setup.

"*Private Key*

If necessary, you can decrypt messages sent by the identity provider,
if they support and require encryption. Click Choose File to upload
the private key necessary to decrypt the messages sent from the
identity provider."

Seems they clearly know what they're doing... not!


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