Set NameID format in relying party?

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Wed Sep 11 23:28:57 EDT 2019

On Wed, Sep 11, 2019 at 01:33:22PM +0000, Cantor, Scott wrote:
>On 9/10/19, 11:34 PM, "users on behalf of Baron Fujimoto" <users-bounces at on behalf of baron at> wrote:
>> I'd like to leave the original metadata unmodified
>Putting it in the metadata is the advisable course.

Most of our SP metadata is obtained via a metadatURL with a backingFile, so we'd have to convince the SP to modify their metadata (not always/often and option) and rely on them to keep it "correct". Which is why I'm trying to get it working with a RelyingParty nameIDFormPrecedence.

>> and override the NameIDFormat in the SP's relying party entry with something like the following:
>That should work.

Wish I could figure out why it's not. :/

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