Getting can not create inner bean error.

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Wed Sep 11 05:06:36 EDT 2019

* send2amol <amol.choudhari at> [2019-09-11 05:56]:
> with data connector configuration I get below error.

Out of curiosity: Why are you configuring the details of your LDAP
DataConnector within the XML and not using the provided
(Also I hope those are not your actual LDAP admin credentails you
posted for the world to read.)

> <DataConnector id="myLDAP" xsi:type="LDAPDirectory"
>         ldapURL="ldap://}"
>         trustFile="%{idp.home}/credentials/ldap-server.crt" 

With useStartTLS set to false and useSSL defaulting to false you don't
need that trustFile parameter set. Also it's likely that file doesn't
even exist (unless you created it).

Does removing the line with trustFile (and restating the java servlet
container) make a difference?

> Caused by: org.cryptacular.StreamException: IO error
> 	at org.cryptacular.util.CertUtil.readCertificateChain(
> Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Input
> byte array has incorrect ending byte at 1076
> 	at Source)

Not sure that matches my assumption that you've referenced a
non-existing file but since the exceptions are about LDAP SSL
configuration and you're trying not to use SSL/TLS at all I'm assuming
it's related.


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