Handling specific error subtypes in SP

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at osu.edu
Tue Sep 3 08:47:38 EDT 2019

> Unless I'm missing something, support for this use case requires 
> additional development.

The support for redirecting on errors passes at least the status codes so it's assumed you can build your own logic to do this. Even a shell script is very easy to write for this.

The templates are for simple cases, and people can't even be bothered to supply an email address in most deployments, so even that was largely a waste of time to build. But it makes no sense to build yet more complexity in there when there are a zillion ways of scripting it already on any server.

> Would PR to the SP code providing either new more-specific error categories, or support for expression evaluation
> inside template receive favorable attention ?

I don't think so, no. Not without more interest and a justification for why building that in C++ makes any sense at this point. I could certainly be convinced to enhance or adjust the redirection support, but that is absolutely the only future direction for any error handling work.

-- Scott

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