OIDC extension: refresh and validate endpoints?

Henri Mikkonen henri.mikkonen at csc.fi
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Actually no storage services are used for the state of refresh tokens with the current implementation. They contain all the data by themselves in encrypted form. Their IDs are verified against revocation cache that can be set with the idp.oidc.revocationCache.StorageService -property (shibboleth.StorageService by default). 

The lifetime of the refresh tokens can be set in the profile configuration, see [ https://github.com/CSCfi/shibboleth-idp-oidc-extension/wiki/OIDC.SSO | https://github.com/CSCfi/shibboleth-idp-oidc-extension/wiki/OIDC.SSO ] 


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Thanks, Liam. And would that use the same session storage as my IdP’s session storage for SAML-based sessions? I assume they’re the same. 


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One more question based on what Liam brought up: what property controls the storage service to use for refresh tokens? I don’t see a storage setting for this in idp-oidc.properties. I only see dynamic registrations, remote JWK sets, and the revocation cache which, obviously, all must be server-side. 

I'm pretty sure it they just use the same storage service that the rest of the tokens use (session storage) 


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