Multiple ldap

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Mon Oct 28 10:00:55 EDT 2019

* Kicic Sakib <Sakib.Kicic at> [2019-10-28 14:38]:
> I have configured my shibb instance for authentication with CAS

Sorry, I still don't understand: CAS is both a protocol (which the
Shib IDP implements) and an implementation thereof (from Apereo,
formerly Jasig, Yale University before that). SPNEGO as far as I know
is a way to do Kerberos authentication on the web (which the Shib IDP
can also support).

So is your Shibboleth IDP acting as a CAS client and an external CAS
server then is using SPNEGO with the browser? If so I think you're
asking this on the wrong list.

Or do you mean a CAS request comes to your IDP and you want the
Shibboleth IDP -- that also does SPNEGO -- to use multiple MS-AD
domains? (Still not sure that makes sense but...)


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