Multiple LDAP domains on the same IDP

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Hi Adriano,

Yes, JAAS is for password validation only. If you also need to use your two LDAP servers for attribute resolution then you need to configure them as DataConnectors in attribute-resolver.conf. There may be a better way, but I would define each LDAP attribute as a pair if IDP attributes, where one IDP attribute comes from LDAP #1 and the other comes from LDAP #2. Then release both IDP attributes. Since your usernames do not conflict, any particular user will only get a match on one DataConnector so only IDP attributes sourced from that Connector will be available for release.

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Losen, Stephen C (scl) wrote
> Hi Adriano,
> We are using JAAS with IDP Password authentication. We have three LDAP 
> servers listed in JAAS for password verification. At our site the 
> usernames are standard, so user X on one LDAP server is the same user 
> X on the other two. However, the passwords can differ. Since your two 
> LDAP servers have different naming conventions, JAAS should work fine for you.

>From what I understand JAAS replaces the username/password check (and does it for all LDAP configurations until one matches?), does it allow for the same configurations for attribute, dataconnectors, etc.?

Craig Pluchinsky wrote
> There are docs on setting up multiple directories using aggregate dn 
> resolver.  Maybe that's what you're looking for?
> ation#LDAPAuthnConfiguration-MultipleDirectories

This seems to look like this: 
tutorial (github)
Is the main tutorial I could find on this topic...Would that work for my "issue"?

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