Shibboleth for Publishers

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Wed Oct 16 18:01:14 EDT 2019

* Nikita Bernstein <nikitab at> [2019-10-16 21:21]:
> We are looking to implement Shibboleth at JOMI ( and are
> having a hard time finding implementation guidelines for publishers.
> Could someone please direct me?

I'd recommend going over the conceptual material either way:
(and possibly returning to that later)

For deployment guidance I think one major point is avoiding
multi-tenency and doing (proper) federation instead, i.e., if you have
one service (or can frame it that way) offer access to that one
service at the same URL to all your customers instead of offering the
same service under a gazillion of (customer-specific) host names. The
software and protocols involved will still allow to provide for a
proper login experience and integration with your (academic, it seems)
customers will be much smoother.

While we're at ot: A few coordination activities you might be
interested in joining:

* FIM4L,
  (With a LIBER working group to be established soon)

  (I contributed the name but am not currently particpating myself as
  the focus is on running widely used services aka "Services Providers")

Neither group will likely provide you with detailed technical
recommendations or configrations but for those you can always come
here, esp. once you have concrete questions that can be answered with
a reference to the documentation or other resources.

Other resources of interest to you will also be:

  Slightly dated Best Current Practices based on results from the NISO
  ESPRESSO study.

  A likely successor to the above.


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