Expiring password conundrum

Lipscomb, Gary glipscomb at csu.edu.au
Thu Oct 10 17:37:29 EDT 2019

Hi Steve,

We are using the expiring-password intercept. 
The user arrives at the expiring-password.vm page and is presented with:

Charles Sturt University
Your password will be expiring soon!

To create a new password now, go to Change my password.

Your login will proceed in 20 seconds or you may click here to continue.

Copyright 2019 Charles Sturt University CRICOS 00005F

When they click on the "create a new password now" link they are asked to authenticate again. This is the bit I'm failing to understand. They have already authenticated when trying to access the original site, but the IdP hasn't proceeded to complete the process and redirect to it. Its waiting for the 20 second meta-refresh.

I'll have a look at the whitelisting in the meantime.



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Hi Gary,

Are you using the expiring-password intercept ? It runs after the user has authenticated on the IDP. So if this intercept displays a page with a link to your password change app, then the user has an IDP session and gets in without authenticating again on the IDP. Within the intercept config you need to "whitelist" the entityID of your password change app to avoid showing the page again, i.e., behave as if the user's password is not about to expire.

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Subject: Expiring password conundrum

Hi all,

We have configured Shibboleth IdP (v3.4.6) to check for expiring passwords triggered by our openLDAP password policy.
All works as planned. The user is warned that their password is expiring and given the options to

1. click on the link to change their password 2. clink on the link to continue to the original site 3. wait 20 seconds before being sent to the original site.

The issue we are seeing is that if a user clicks on the change password link they are presented with another IdP login page since our change password page is protected by Shibboleth and also the original request hasn't completed (its waiting 20 seconds before meta-refresh). If they enter their credentials again they get the expiring password message scenario.

Is there a way to complete the original IdP login process when clicking on the link to change password so the user doesn't have to re-enter their credentials.

If they have an expired, or locked password due to login failures we provide a link to another site not protected via Shibboleth.



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